Download the Top Ten Fair Housing Mistakes Infographic: Want a bit of Fair Housing information in a fun format you and your associates may refer to? Download and share our Top Ten Fair Housing Mistakes Infographic to make sure you are not committing any of these blunders. If you want to go a bit more in depth, take a look at our supplemental resource that explains these Fair Housing mistakes in more detail. 

Here at Grace Hill, we love to say, “It’s Hip to be Fair.” As the industry’s experts in education, we also recognize that being fair is the law, and clients depend on us to help reduce the risk associated with Fair Housing issues through awareness and education. Re-live Fair Housing Month with us; access 'hip' limited-time downloads, expand your Fair Housing knowledge.

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We hosted a fantastic webinar with AppFolio, featuring Nadeen Green, Senior Counsel from For Rent Media Solutions and co-presenter, Doug Chasick, “The Apartment Doctor.” The webinar was so popular that we reached our maximum attendance!

Nadeen and Doug covered many great topics on the evolving and expanding issues related to Fair Housing. Executives and managers learned what to look for as they ensure compliance across their organization.

Here’s the recorded webinar and the presentation slides so that you can reference this great content at your convenience.

View Grace Hill OnAir Video: Explore this video podcast, featuring Nadeen Green, industry expert on Fair Housing. Take some time to watch as Nadeen addresses Fair Housing challenges faced daily on site.

Read the Article - Spotlight on Fair Housing: At first blush, Fair Housing may not seem like the most exciting topic we get to train in multifamily. The legal mumbo jumbo is rarely considered glamorous and the principle behind Fair Housing is simple – treat everyone fairly. However, if you turn up the message and get into the nitty gritty examples and colorful history of Fair Housing, it becomes a fascinating, dynamic topic to train and learn. Download the article to read more.

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Grab the Fair Housing Do's & Don'ts Guide: Another great resource to share with your associates and peers. Feel free to download, print, and distribute amongst your teammates.

Our Fair Housing and Fair Housing for Maintenance courses (in English & Spanish by the way) are updated with the latest ruling from HUD on Disparate Impact, and feature new animated scenarios and exercises allowing you to apply your knowledge to real-life situations. See it in action.